Confidentiality Agreement & Disclaimer

The Seller has appointed Triad Real Estate Partners (“Broker”) to exclusively represent them in the sale of the aforementioned Property. The Seller has directed that all inquiries and communications with respect to the contemplated sale of such Property be directed to Broker.

Evaluation and Marketing Materials and the contents, except such information that is a matter of public record or is provided in sources available to the public, are of a confidential nature. By accepting the Evaluation and Marketing Materials, Recipient agrees that he or she will hold and treat it in the strictest confidence, that you will not disclose the Materials or any of the contents to any other entity (except to outside advisors retained by Recipient, if necessary, for Recipient’s determination of whether or not to make a proposal and from whom Recipient has obtained an agreement of confidentiality) without the prior written authorization of Seller or Broker and that Recipient will not use the Materials or any of the contents in any fashion or manner detrimental to the interest of Seller.

The Recipient further agrees that this confidentiality agreement shall survive the consummation or lack of consummation of the transaction and shall be binding upon its agents, successors, and assigns and insures to the benefit of the Seller and its agents, successors and assigns.

The Recipient further agrees to save and hold harmless Broker, its agents, successors and assigns and the Seller and its agents, successors and assigns, from any such actions or cause of actions which may arise as a result of a violation of the provisions of this agreement.

These materials do not constitute an offer, but only a solicitation of interest with respect to a possible sale of the property, which the Seller may consider. Seller reserves the right to withdraw the property from the market or to amend the terms of these materials at any time. The Seller reserves the right to accept or reject any offers including full price offers, and further reserves the right to remove the property from the market at any time.

The enclosed information (and any supplemental materials provided to a prospective purchaser) has been obtained by sources believed reliable. While Broker does not doubt its accuracy, Broker has not verified it and neither Broker nor the Seller make any guarantee, warranty or representation of any kind or nature about it. It is Recipient’s responsibility to independently confirm its accuracy and completeness. Any projections, opinions, assumptions or estimates used are for example and do not represent past, current or future performance of the property. The value of this transaction to Recipient or any prospective purchaser depends on many considerations, including tax and other factors, which should be evaluated by Recipient and Recipient’s tax, financial and legal advisors who should conduct a careful and independent investigation of the property to determine to Recipient’s satisfaction the suitability of the property and the quality of its tenancy for Recipient’s records.

The Evaluation and Marketing Materials furnished to Recipient will not be used by Recipient for any purpose other than for evaluating a possible transaction involving the Property. Seller agrees to pay a brokerage commission to the Broker per separate agreement. The Broker, in its capacity as exclusive agent for Seller, has no power or authority in any way to bind the Seller with respect to a transaction involving the Property and that the Seller shall in no way be bound or be deemed to have agreed to any transaction or the terms and conditions thereof until such time as the Seller has executed and delivered a written agreement with the Recipient under terms and conditions that are acceptable to the Seller, in its sole and absolute discretion. Recipient acknowledges that it is a principal and not an agent or acting on behalf of any other party in conjunction with the purchase of the Property. Recipient acknowledges that it is not working with any other broker or agent other than the Broker Triad Real Estate Partners in connection with the Property.

The Recipient’s understanding and approval of these terms is evidenced by Recipient’s electronic signing of this document.

This Agreement shall remain in force for a period of twelve (12) months from the date hereof.

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