About Us

Formed in 2010 by three partners, Triad Real Estate Partners has now grown to a team of 15+ members with a combined 200+ years of experience in commercial real estate. Triad strives to be to be the premier private multi-family and student housing real estate brokerage company in the country. The Triad team has closed over 600 transactions covering over 40,000 multi-family and student housing units with an aggregate value over $3 billion.

Triad maintains its headquarters in Chicago with regional offices in Ann Arbor, MI, Indianapolis, IN, Louisville, KY and St Augustine, FL. Historically focused on the Midwest, Triad has increasingly expanded nationwide. No other firm takes the time to understand the deep nuances of each of the markets they work in and this is the value we bring to our clients. Reach out and see how we can work together in 2023.


    600+ DEALS WORTH
    404 S. Wells St.
    Suite 400
    Chicago, IL 60607
    O: 312.878.2792
    F: 312.878.7364